Living a Balanced Life

Living a Balanced Life 

If we’re honest with ourselves, those things that we allow to consume our time, those things we strive to perfect – are meaningless, especially in comparison to the relationship and the strengthening of our relationship with our Heavenly father.

Herein lies one of life’s struggles:

Having a balanced life and keeping all things in their proper order.  We’re parents.  We’re sons and daughters.  We work in ministry or volunteer at a local church.  We are husbands and wives.  We’re sisters and brothers.  We are employers and employees.  We’re students.  We’re homemakers.  We’re writers and artists. And, so much more.

How on earth do we live a balanced life while wearing all the above hats?  How do we live a balanced life while fulfilling all of our duties?  How on earth do we live a balanced life while fulfilling our responsibilities to our family members and friends?  How? 

By not letting people, our relationships with people, or social status, or education, our jobs, the imperfect works of our hands, or our possessions become idols in our lives.  An idol is anything or anyone we value more than the Lord; more than our relationship with the Lord.

So, how do we live a balanced life?  The answer is simple: put and keep God first in all that we do.  How do we live a balanced life?  By having and keeping our priorities in order.

Here’s something we all need to know and be reminded of from time to time:

If we put God first in our lives, He’ll order everything else in our lives.  If we put God first in our day, the day He has been so gracious to give us, spending time with Him, talking to Him, listening to Him, asking Him to order our steps and our day – He‘ll do just that.  If we seek God first and strive to strengthen our relationship with Him, our relationships with other people will also improve, especially if they are also putting the Lord first in their lives.  After all, what’s more important than keeping God first in doing what He desires of us each day to the best of our ability?

So, where do we begin?  We begin by acknowledging our faults while trusting the Lord to correct them, which begins with putting and keeping Him first in our lives, knowing that He‘ll put everything else in order and fulfill His will in and for our lives – bringing glory and honor to His Holy Name.

I look forward to reading your thoughts and experiences with maintaining a balanced life. I understand one thing doesn’t work for all, so I welcome your comments.  

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