Are You Insensitive & Uncaring? Or Are They Having an Emotional Temper Tantrum?

Insensitive & Uncaring

I’ve been accused of not caring about others problems.

They contact me when they have an emergency or something unfortunate happens. They say mean things to me when I didn’t rush to their aid. What they failed to realize is that an emergency on their end doesn’t constitute an emergency on my end. Also, they failed to acknowledge that I’m not the solver of their problems or I was completely unable to solve their problem. A few quick real-life examples are when a basement pipe burst, their teenage child wasn’t home on time, and their car got a flat tire.

I considered those, and other, situations completely out of my control so I opted to take a backseat. I attended to pressing issues in my life, which the other person didn’t understand … until they vented to a family member who chastised them for expecting me to fix the problem instead of them taking responsibility for what was happening in their own life.

The moral of this snippet is to know your limits, maintain healthy boundaries, take care of yourself and what goes on in your life, and don’t fall victim to anyone’s entitlement and verbal abuse. 

What are your thoughts on this brief article? Do you have any situations to share? If so, how did you handle them?

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