What Type of Poly Are You?


Polyamory to me is an Inherent ability to love multiple people, while navigating boundaries, and managing time to ensure everyone’s needs are met to the best of your ability.

People say they’re polyamorous for various reasons, a few of which I’ll explore here in this article.

I’ve heard some say they’re polyamorous simply to escape familial, societal, and religious norms. They don’t want to be labeled by those institutions so they label themselves on their own terms. They reject typical relationships rules and assumptions by being with who they want and when they want. They may be relationship-minded, meaning relishing relationship commitments from their various partners. They may be into more casual relationships and casual sex. They may enjoy more of a swinger-type lifestyle. The bottom line is this person is polyamorous as a conscious choice to not be defined by traditional relationship terms.

I believe some people are inherently polyamorous. They carry within their core being the ability to love multiple people without loving one interfering with their love for another. Their relationships may or may not be defined by the presence of sexual intimacy. They genuinely may not understand why some people struggle with monogamy and are unfaithful to their partners. They question why others aren’t honest with themselves, and their partner, that they carry the ability to care for more than one person at the same time. They’re fueled by logic and function according to their feelings, while maintaining their personal boundaries.

There are some who are ambiamorous, a term I came across on a polyamory blog website. It describes a person who can be content with multiple partners or only one partner. A personal example would be that I’ve only had one partner for about a year and a half. Neither one of us actively looked for an additional partner, though we’ve agreed to maintain open and honest communication if one of us meets someone we’re interested in.

I don’t believe being polyamorous is something to try. I believe either a person is or isn’t. Or, they may be and simply not realize there’s a term for their feelings.

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