You Can Be Aroused by Nonsexual Objects: This is Called a Fetish


Being open to talk about sex and sexuality, I sometimes ask a person, “Do you have any fetishes?” More often than not the answer is the question, “What is fetishes?” No, that’s not a grammatical error, that’s how it’s asked – literally. 

A fetish is something nonsexual being objectified as a source of arousal. For example, you may have heard of someone having “foot fetish.” Hazel shares a story of not knowing what a foot fetish was until she became an adult. When she learned what it was, she laughed and shared a memory: 

When I was about 15 or 16, I knew this guy. It was the funniest thing. I had, and still have, a habit of taking my shoes off when I go in someone’s house. Especially, if they have carpet. So, this one day when I went to see Darius and took my shoes off and walked into the living room and sat down. I stretched out my legs and crossed my ankles. Darius said, “Hazel, put your shoes back on.” I looked at him. He was standing across the room staring at my feet. 

“Why? My feet won’t get dirty. I have stockings on.” “Hazel, my mom’s home. Put your shoes back on.” My brows furrowed as I looked at him because his voice had taken on a husky tone. He breathing deepened and he glanced toward the kitchen where his mother was. 

“What’s wrong with you?” Hazel said she asked him. She told me his eyes moved back to her feet and he licked his lips.

“My mom’s home. We can’t right now.”

“Can’t what? We’re only watching TV. She doesn’t like this show? She’s not even in here to watch it. She’s in the kitchen cooking.” 

“If you won’t, I will.” Darius retrieved her shoes and slowly, very slowly and carefully, put them on her feet. She said she sat back frowning not understanding what the big deal was. She remembered liking the way he handled her feet. Caressing them, from the ankle, over the arch, and over the tops of her toes, then along the bottom of her foot before encasing her foot in her shoe. One, then the other. He ran his hands up her shins, glanced toward the kitchen and removed his hands from her legs. 

Hazel said Darius looked high, his eyelids were low and his breathing was deep.  

It took until she learned what the phrase “foot fetish” was to realize that’s what Darius had. She now understood that he’d been aroused by looking at feet. When he told her, “We can’t right now,” he was saying they couldn’t have sex because his mother was home. Hazel laughs at the memory because she wasn’t aroused and didn’t realize he was. She’d simply thought he was acting strange.

What are your thoughts about the above story? Do you know of anyone with a fetish? Do you have any of your own?

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4 thoughts on “You Can Be Aroused by Nonsexual Objects: This is Called a Fetish”

  1. I have always been very turned on by naturally hairy women. Full, lush pubic hair, and underarm hair. Especially if it is dark brown or black hair.

    1. A woman like that has to be difficult to find with all the rave about shaving, laser hair removal, and waxing. What is it you like about it, if you don’t mind me asking? Being able to munch on it or grind your face into it as you eat?

      1. I like the look of a hairy pussy, not too much, mind you, just full, dark hair. The feel of it on my face as I am licking, running my tongue through it. Getting my beard and her hair all wet and mixed together. And you kn0w how much I love to lick. I am getting hard just writing about it. Underarm hair is just a bonus visual treat.
        I am also older, and from a generation that wasn’t obsessed with hair removal. All my sex partners, from high school onward had full pubic hair. As well as all of the women in the porn movies and magazines. Yes, old enough that main source of porn was printed materials. LOL

        1. Thanks for the reflection. I understand what you’re saying, liking how it feels on your face and such. It’s definitely a different generation. I often gasp when I see a clip of older porn and see bush, on both the men and women. For me, it’s about hygiene. I want to “see” what’s about to be all up in my face LOL. It’s nice to see balls and not a shrub 🙂

          I really enjoy reading your comments. Thanks for being here and supporting my writing.

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