Walls and Night Lights

Walls and Night Lights

Comfy cozy in bed

Random thoughts in your head

Along the tracks a bright light shines

A glimmer of it creeps into your eyes

Crust cracks through lashes

Forgot something in sleepiness

Throw back the covers, embrace the coldness

Of a cool night, moving towards the light

Ottoman stubs a toe

Stuffed animal laughs

Door frame slides over to graze a shoulder

Hand slides down the other side of the kitchen wall

Light from the train goes out as a switch is switched off

Wall moves to bang a knee

Pulling covers over body

Curling up to keep in the heat

Tracks are further away

Random thought rambles through the brain

About how walls move and bump into you

When you walk around half asleep

The faint sound of a stuffed animal laughing

As you drift off to sleep

I look forward to reading your thoughts and experiences regarding what happens when you’re sleeping, or are walking about while half-asleep.

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