I Got Out of My Head and Beat a Woman

I don’t include piv, pia, or oral sex into my scenes and sessions.

However, I’ve only been interested in males s-types (submissives and slaves). I love how certain male bodies look. Yes, I have a “type” lol. I like caressing where I’ve beaten, giving him a very brief moment of pleasure in-between giving him pain. I love confusing their brains and their senses. I enjoy seeing pain creating an erection as their faces twist as they insist on taking more strikes from my birch, cane, and flogger, or another sting from my violet wand.

I met GS64 my first week or so on Fetlife because I attended a Munch she organizes. You know how with some people you just ‘click?’ It was like that. We became fast friends, not only on Fet but also in real life. During a text discussion, about two months into knowing her, regarding my frustration at obtaining a committed submissive and having left a comment on her dungeon that I’d love to use it … she volunteered both her play space AND her body for my use.

My first thought was, she’s bisexual and I don’t want to give her the wrong message. I questioned, “What do I do with her? I’ve never played with a female, how can I make this work?” Though I knew she was serious, she continued mentioning HOW serious she was. Having education and a previous career in psychology, I often analyze myself, my actions, feelings, and motivations. I realized that I was hesitant about beating a woman. Not because I think women are weak, but simply because I didn’t want to hurt one. I know it was a strange line of thought because she was ASKING for me to beat her.

We scheduled a play date. I took my male submissive along. I knew my thoughts had been irrational and after a tour of her home, I told her how I’d felt and how I got over it. What I shared with her is this:

“I was born 10 pounds and 10 and a half ounces. Yes, I was an ounce short of weighing 11 pounds. I was the size of a bowling ball. If a woman can push a small bowling bowl through her cervix and out of her vagina, a woman can take a lot of pain.”

It didn’t take me long to get into a groove with using various instruments on her (a cane, birch, various floggers, my paddle that I love so much). I incorporate massage into my play, verbally check-in a lot, and sometimes give a choice of what to be hit with, and when I know they’re near their limit, I’ll even ask them to give me a number (the number is the times they’ll be hit).

Trust is important, we all keep hearing that. She trusted me to show her how I do breath play. Yes, I choked her … lightly with one hand, to “show” her the feeling and also to further build trust that I wouldn’t go ape on her and choke her out. She enjoyed the “test.” I then choked her with both hands. I alternated between choking and rubbing her neck. I kept a careful watch on her eyes and kept reminding her to regulate her breathing with long slow breaths.

I administered aftercare, when the scene was over, and I asked her to message me later to let know how she was doing. She did and mentioned that she had two firsts that day. One being choked and the other entering sub space. I was glad to be her first. I even patted myself on my back; seriously I did LOL. It was definitely a day I’ll never forget. Yes, I posted pictures on my Fetlife page.

I asked her to consider writing about her experience with me. She did and also gave me permission to post it on my Fetlife page.

I’d love to read of a positive “first” you’ve had and also if you were hesitant to do something, did it and really enjoyed it.

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