Hold On To What’s Good

Hold On To What's Good

I’m laying down, unable to sleep since it’s earlier than my typical bedtime.

Thoughts are going through my head and I’m thankful for the loving, caring, supportive, challenging, encouraging people in my life. Due to the strength it gives me knowing I have so much, I’m not afraid to hold on to what’s good as well as let go of what isn’t. The challenge is in knowing when something or someone is past the time of showing itself or themselves good for me and my life’s trajectory.

Wisdom is a key element and it’s gleaned from past experiences as well as gained knowledge. New life has begun as it does each time we awake. What you do with the time is solely our choice. May we choose wisely because once the moment and day has past, it cannot be regained.

I’d love to hear of your experience(s) of having to let someone or something go for the betterment of your emotional stability. All comments are welcome.

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