When Life Pulls Us Away From Writing

ca. 2001, Australia --- Blurred Family Holding Hands at Beach --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis
ca. 2001, Australia — Blurred Family Holding Hands at Beach — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Life has a way of injecting itself and demanding our attention.

I’ve been asking myself if I should take a break from writing and posting on my website. When I adhere to a schedule it takes me a while to get back on it once distracted. I attempt to keep up my pace and find myself slipping. I find I’m not posting as often as I told myself I would. I don’t want to miss an entire week without uploading an article or being active on social media.

Last week I found out a family was dying. Their brain is bleeding as a result of a series of small strokes. The family knows they wouldn’t want surgery, and being over 90 years old, we feel they’ve lived a full life. So, the wait begins. Each day there’s visible signs of their body further deteriorating. I’ve been going back and forth to New Jersey since last week, which is challenging my body to effectively manage my disability of chronic joint pain as well as disrupting my nocturnal sleep pattern.

I’m determined to post something, even if about my personal life. I find it reassuring to read of someone’s challenges and how they move through them. I’m hoping this tidbit will have that effect on someone else.

In the midst of grieving the pending death of a loved one, during the out-of-State travels to be with family, the writing community and those that loves us will still be here and I believe more so if they understand why we’re inconsistent for the time being.

Scheduling posts can help with upcoming days when I know I won’t be home or in a quiet comfortable place to write, edit, revise, and upload articles. Social media is easily accessible on mobile devices.

Whatever has removed you from your writing schedule, know that you can maneuver around it or simply inform the community and return to us when you can. Don’t be hard on yourself. Listen to your body. Draw support from your network. Know we’ll be here when you get back.

Stay encouraged.

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