My First Erotic Hypnosis Conference

Erotic Hypnosis

I wasn’t a complete skeptic, though I did wonder “What the hell is Erotic Hypnosis?”

I admit I questioned what I would use it for.

I’m hands-on with “play” and require the person to be fully capable of making sound decisions since some of what I do has inherent risks. Aside from the fact that I typically don’t mix conventional sex with my “play,” I don’t really care if my partner is aroused or has an orgasm or not. So, what was erotic hypnosis and what good would it do me? Would I have any practical uses for it as another item in my BDSM lifestyle toolkit?

I have a clinical background and understand people are sometimes open to suggestions on things they desire to do. They welcome encouragement to accomplish things they’re struggling with. One of the modalities I incorporated into my counseling sessions was CBT. No, not Cock and Ball Torture as it’s called in the BDSM world. I’m referring to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It’s a form of talk therapy to help the person realize their goals and then help them find ways to achieve those goals. Basically, it was helping them find their own answers.

Another technique I sometimes used was Motivational Interviewing (MI). The MI approach was listening to the client’s goal(s), helping them develop steps to achieve them, and holding them accountable to follow-thru. Yet, another technique was mindfulness; helping one become more aware of whatever they were experiencing in the moment, slowing the mind down to be fully cognizant of their surroundings/feelings/sounds/textures, etc. So, with knowing and having used all of that, I did believe that hypnosis would work for some but not all. Simply because individuals are just that; individuals. No one thing works for everyone, hence the different modalities used for different clients.

I was familiar with, and had used, guided imagery and relaxation techniques in some of my therapy sessions. I knew hypnosis wasn’t that different from those therapeutic modalities. Yet, I wondered, “What is erotic hypnosis? What use would I have for it? Would I even like it enough to pursue it, learn more about it, incorporate it in my “play?” Answers to those questions were found in the very first class I attended. It was a beginners’ class and it started off with how hypnosis is used in the “vanilla” world as verification that it can be effective. Now onto how it could be used in the world of kink. Similarities were explained between hypnosis and a person dissociation or having an outer body experience; “subspace” came to mind.

I learned from the class that erotic hypnosis could be used for orgasm control, specifically Hands-Free Orgasms (HFO – I learned a new phrase and acronym) and role play (i.e. bimbo play, tentacle sex, and edge play. Utilizing hypnosis for role play was said to be beneficial when the risk was greater than the Top wanted to take responsibility for, or for which reality doesn’t lend itself to, but still wanted the Bottom to experience it. This isn’t a comprehensive list.

Practical ways that I learned I could use erotic hypnosis would be to:

  • Decrease outside distractions i.e. noise and visual stimuli in a public play space so the Bottom could focus on the sensations of “play.”
  • Have the person to feel as if they are bound, by rope, plastic wrap, or barbed wire, and unable to move.
  • Create mindfucks i.e. trancing the person to feel a light hand slap is a flogger or whip strike when they don’t want to have marks on their body.
  • Engage in sensory play i.e. touching a non-erogenous area of their body and they feel it’s arousing, creating hot or cold sensations, having them feel as if their being tickled, suggest a touch feeling like an electric shock, or remove one of their five senses.
  • Relax the person for “play” that they want to try and are nervous to i.e. needle play; trancing them to not feel the needle prick or having the needle prick feel like it tickles, etc.

There are more ways I could use hypnosis in “play,” though I still prefer the person to feel what’s happening.

What are your thoughts on this article? Have you ever tried, or wanted to try, hypnosis as part of a BDSM scene or session? I look forward to reading about your experiences.

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