Ten Minutes to Sexual Masochistic Pleasure (Part 4 of 4)

(Written by Bob Davies; edited/revised by Dion Lorah)

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Suddenly the tension in the rope tying my arms to the chair is released as you untie the end of the rope from the bar of the chair.

You hold my shoulders and guide me to a standing position. I become acutely aware of the pain across my stomach. You move around behind me and untie the rope stretching my testicles. A burning sensation pulses through my testicles as the blood rushes back into that area. The sensation passes quickly as you go about the task of untying my thighs and feet.

Once untied from the chair you walk me to the bed.  My movements are unstable; I need your guidance and support. I bump against the base of the bed and you take hold of my shoulder to turn me around. Gently you guide me backward until I’m sitting on the bed. I become aware of several pillows piled under my arse and the small of my back. Even the softness of the bed doesn’t seem to help ease the burning pain which is spread across my cheeks. I wriggle up and over the pillowed mound.

You use two of the ropes tied to the bed legs to secure my ankles which stretches my legs wide apart. Next you take the rope tying my hands and tie these off above to the headboard. This stretches me backward over the pillows and thrusts my crotch upward. I’m nervous being exposed to you in this way. I’m not made to ponder my fate for long as I feel the familiar sensation of the tips of your whip dance tantalisingly across my groin. The excitement of knowing the pain I’m about to experience causes my cock to stiffen.

I’m clearly a sexual masochist and it’s apparent you relish exploring your sadistic side. There’s no warm up this time. You lash the whip down upon my left thigh alarmingly close to my most sensitive parts. I thrash about under your whip-kisses relishing the freedom of movement allowed to me now that I’m not as hobbled by the scrotum tie as I’d been under the strikes of the paddle and cane. I can only imagine the redness growing across my burning thighs as you lash your whip down upon me again and again. As bad as the pain of this beating is I know you have more in store for me. You do a marvellous job of building the anticipation and lashing close to your eventual intended target.

You pause. I brace for the blow but it doesn’t come. Your hands reach behind my head and you unbuckle the gag and pull it from my mouth. My own saliva drips down onto me as you lift it away. I exercise my mouth which is sore from the prolonged stretch. You slip the blindfold off my eyes. I blink you into focus. You’ve removed your strap-on and stand next to the bed naked. I sigh at your beauty revealed.

You climb up onto the bed and sling your legs over me so you are facing down my body. Your superb rounded arse is displayed before me. You lean forward and stroke my shaft. As you do your thighs and cheeks open and you’re exposed to me. This is the reward for what I have endured. Slowly you lean backward presenting your moist lips to my mouth. I lap diligently at your folds. However, I don’t savour your taste for long. You have somewhere else you want me to taste.

You release your grip on my cock and reach over to take up your whip once more. A small adjustment of your position and you press your other tighter opening onto my mouth. I have waited a long time for this and my tongue is waiting and eager to probe you as your flesh presses down. As the whip collects my cock and balls with a strong blow I press my tongue up against your muscle as my world explodes once more in searing pain.

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