Innocence Surrendered – Part 3 of 3

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Innocense – Pt 1     Innocense – Pt 2

 “You want me?” Harold asked. “Yes,” Amy said. “Yes, I want you.” Harold’s mouth found hers again as he maneuvered his body.

Amy repositioned her body as Harold moved his body closer to and in-between her legs. They were thinking as one. She felt his hands between her legs. Is he touching himself or me, this feels different than how he touched me before. He quickly moved his hand to her outer thigh as she felt pressure. That’s not his fingers. It feels like his fist. She didn’t realize his hand was on her outer thigh. She felt an internal pinch and more pressure. She inhaled sharply.

“Are you okay?” Harold asked her. Amy nodded her head while biting her lower lip. What is he doing to me? “Breathe,” he said. She exhaled, unaware that she’d been holding her breath. “Are you sure you’re okay?” He asked again, his body stilled. “Yes,” she said. She was trying to comprehend the sensations going through her body; slight pain coupled with pleasure.

“You want me to stop?” “No,” Amy gasped and swallowed hard. She kissed him to assure him that she was okay and that she wanted him. She moved her hands down his back and squeezed his ass, pushing him into her. He watched her eyes, her facial expressions. He slowly and gently filled her up. Crooning softly, she wondered how much of him there was to take in. He moved his hips to slide out of her, not all the way out, just to his tip, then slid back in, filling her up again.

“You’re so wet,” he said breathlessly into her neck. Harold began a rhythm and Amy moved with him, holding his back, holding him close, holding him tight. He tried kissing her mouth, but she turned her head away. She felt light-headed and was having trouble breathing. His mouth found her neck and nibbled on it. She heard a sound and realized it was her voice in her ears. What am I saying? He had wrapped his arms around her shoulders so that his palms held her from behind her back. As he slid deep into her, his grip on her shoulders tightened.

“You feel so good,” Harold whispered into Amy’s neck. He lifted his upper body off of her loosening their hold on each other. He dipped his head so his mouth could find her breasts, He never broke his rhythm. Damn, he is so good. She exhaled as she matched her upward thrusts to his downward strokes. She wanted all of him. She was past being nervous and unsure of herself. She no longer wondered what to do. What!?!?!?, she almost screamed when he suddenly lifted off and out of her and dropped down with his head between her thighs. His tongue oscillated around her clit, his lips consumed her. She writhed in ecstasy as he moved his body atop of hers. She felt his rock slide easily and fully into her again, out, in, out, in. She matched his movements, giving him uninhibited and unrestricted access to her, all of her. Her moans increased in sound as their movements quickened.

“Together,” Harold said. What? Together what? Amy felt that same tinge of pain and pleasure as he seemed to plunge deeper inside of her. How is that possible? He can’t go any further. But, he was going further. His release filled what was unfillable as her love flowed out of her and onto his rock. The only sounds were rapid breathing, moaning, and sucking as his mouth found her breasts again. Still inside of her, he quieted down as she shivered, her pussy pulsating, his cock throbbing. He softly kissed her neck as they caressed each other’s face. They stared serenely into each other’s eyes, smiling at each other until the smiles turned to soft laughter.

That was so good, better than good, Amy thought. Or maybe she said it out loud because he was nodding his head. Her pussy lips grabbed him as he slowly pulled out. “I feel you,” he said smiling. “I’m sure you do,” she said with a grin. He lifted his body off of her and laid down next to her, his arm resting over her stomach, his hand caressing her nipples. He sat up and bent down and kissed her sweet spot. “You were so good,” he told her. “Thank you,” she said so softly he barely heard her. “So were you.”

They shifted positions so that her head rested on his chest. His hand tilted her chin toward his mouth. They exchanged soft kisses and held each other, not knowing when they fell asleep.

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