Innocence Surrendered – Part 1 of 3

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Amy didn’t know if it was the alcohol or the marijuana making her sweat and tremble or the handsome chocolate colored muscular boy standing in front of her.

It was difficult to tell which it was because she had neither drank alcohol nor smoked marijuana nor ever kissed a boy before. So, this is what kissing is. Her mind and body spoke to her as Harold’s tongue danced around inside her mouth. His lips sucked her lips as his hands moving up and down her body. His touch was so gently. His kiss so passionate. Can he tell I’ve never done this before? I hope I’m doing this right. I guess I’m doing okay. He’s not acting like he doesn’t like it. His body lightly pressed against her. She backed up slowly and stopped when the back of her knees touched something. Is that the bed? What do I do? His hands began removing her clothes and she mirrored his movements. It was as if their bodies were one body.

Harold’s kisses trailed down Amy’s body as he bent down to remove her pants. Okay, this is awkward. How do I get his pants off? Still bending down, he slid his pants down and stepped out of them. Whew, okay. He kissed each breast and sucked on each nipple before he stood up. He kissed her deeply as he moved his body slightly forward and down. His movements caused her body to move backward and down. She found herself sitting on the bed, resting on her elbows, she didn’t want to move beyond his lips’ reach. His kisses, his tongue, so warm, so wet. His kissed down her chest again but this time he kept going. Her body felt things it’d never felt before. The tingling sensation throughout her body caused her to arch her back as her throat released a moan. One of his hands cupped a breast while the other lifted her thigh and placed it on his shoulder. He kissed and nibbled her inner thigh, one and then the other. She tried to say, this feels so good. You feel so good, but only soft purrs escaped her lips.

Harold changed hands, cupped Amy’s other breast and lifted her other leg onto his shoulder. The inner thigh kisses were exchanged for clit kisses, the inner thigh nibbling exchanged for ‘other’ lip sucking. She heard him mumble. What is he saying? Damn, this feels good. One of her hands found the top of his head and caressed the side of his face. “You taste so good,” came the muffled words again, this time barely audible between licks and sucks. You feel so good, she tried to say but only soft moans passed through her lips.

Amy had never experienced anything like this before. She didn’t even know what “this” was. She’d never had consensual sex before. She heard about sex, but this wasn’t the sex she’d heard about. She didn’t know what “this” was. All she knew is that whatever “this” was, it felt good. She knew she’d do anything for Harold to make him feel as good as he made her feel. Her heart pounded in her ears. She felt like she was going to burst into pieces. Her back bowed as her breath wheezed through her teeth. She panted as he continued eating her pussy and licking her juices. His tongue flickered up and down her lips, in and out of her wetness. His tongue flicked over her mound before he closed his mouth over it and sucked it. He seemed to seeking something, his moaning, his licking, his sucking, his flickering.

Amy struggled to keep quiet and found herself panting. How can this keep getting better? Either I’m going to pass out or explode. I can’t take this. She sucked in air through her teeth, licked her lips, and felt a tinge of pain as her emotions pulsated from her body and into Harold’s mouth. She whimpered as she gripped his head with both hands. Her body shattered into pieces as it remained whole by the hold he had on her body. Her entire body shook. Her legs quivered on his shoulders. He lapped up her juices as a thirsty dog drinks water. Her breathing slowed as he kissed her inner thighs. She was finally able to relax her back and laid flat on the bed. He lifted his body over hers and kissed her.

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