My “Salon” Experience

FB_IMG_1448677804174   As an erotic writer (among other genres), I attended the “Salon” event on 11/18/15 to hear the discussion on the differences between romance, erotic, and pornographic writing.  You can read that article by clicking on this sentence

As adults, we’ve all had sex. Well, probably 99% of us. Yet, there isn’t much discussion about it. It’s difficult to find others as open-minded as myself to discuss it without being stigmatized. I find there’s a double standard. A man can talk about sex, make crude jokes, and even brag about his exploits. But, a woman? Let her talk about sex and she’ll be seen as a slut, a whore, a party girl, someone to have casual sex with. Let her make a crude joke and she’ll be told to be more ladylike. Let her brag about her sexual exploits and she’ll be called a tramp by other women and sought after by men.

The “Salon” is a place where there is a discussion topic followed by erotic readings from attendees. The discussion wasn’t vulgar, there wasn’t talk of personal exploits. So, what was there? Questions posed to the facilitator, a Sex Therapist who has her own practice. The meeting room was a ‘safe place’ to ask whatever you wanted to ask, with answers coming from the facilitator and other attendees. My experience was a good one. I arrived late due to traffic. I left early after the discussion and hearing a few readings.

I found the attendees friendly, willing to chat, and even offering me a seat when there didn’t seem to be any. A person even made room for me to sit at their table after which we held a brief conversation. He wished me safe travels back home and hugged me before I left. As, I mentioned, it was a very welcoming environment.

The other person I spoke to wasn’t a writer. He said he was a marketer and an ‘avid reader.’ Tonight was his second time in attendance. He mentioned that he wasn’t sure how he felt about his first meeting as the speaker was a male sex worker who incorporated chakra into his practice. He didn’t want that experience that color his perception of the “Salon,” so he attended again to have a more rounded view of the group.

I’d attend this group again, depending on the discussion topic. For such an event you must have an open mind. Some readings contain explicit language and some don’t. If you’re not comfortable discussing or hearing about sexual things, you simply shouldn’t go. If you’re comfortable with it, you’re definitely welcome to attend.

Have you ever been to an erotic reading? If so, what was your experience?

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