Forgiveness: What I’ve Learned

Forgiveness.What I've Learned

I’ve been called genuine, authentic, self-reflective, and deeply in touch with my feelings on numerous occasions by different people.

There was a time when I’d vent to someone and they’d say something like, “If one of your clients told you what you just told me, what would your response be?” There in that question began a deeper understanding of myself, simply because I looked within and analyzed my thoughts and feelings.

We all move through various emotions each day. Some are fleeting, such as annoyance at the long line at the check-out counter. Some rooted much deeper from hurt caused by another person. The hurt lingers, weighing on us so long that we acclimate to it. We forget it’s actually a burden that separates us from not only the one who hurt us, but others we avoid or push away assuming they’ll damage us as well.

My therapist and I discussed forgiveness and she asked about a couple familial relationships that have a dark past. I shared with her my views, acceptance of what happened, acknowledgement of the wrong done, that I’d let the hurt go, and moved on in (or out of) a relationship with the person who hurt me. I set boundaries for those whom I still interact with to maintain my emotional health.

Comments always welcome. I look forward to reading your thoughts on self-reflection and how you process emotional hurt.

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