Surprise Sex: Inspired by Byron Moss – Part 3 of 3


Surprise Sex Pt 1                      Surprise Sex Pt 2

We gaze into each other’s eyes as he fills me up inside. I rock back and forth on his cock, then I lift my hips so I can slide up and down his length.

I alternate between rocking and sliding. I reach back and fondle his balls, squeezing and kneading them. He begins rubbing and pinching my clit with one hand, his other hand holding onto my hip.

“Babe,” Bryon moans. “Yes,” I reply. “Same time,” we say together as we both explode. I feel his cock pumping his love into me as my pussy walls contract to get every drop. I spread my legs as wide as possible and bare down on him. His hands are cemented to my thighs, holding me in position. Neither one of us moves, at least on the outside. Our insides are erupting like volcanos. We’re breathing deeply from our mouths waiting for the moment to pass, not wanting it to pass.  

Bryon yells out as I lean back. “Come here,” he says, he knows I get light-headed after an amazing orgasm. I lean forward and he pulls me to him and wraps his arms around my body. Eventually, our breathing slows down. I lift up and lay next to him, my head on his chest, his arm around my shoulder.

“Damn,” I say. “What, babe?” Bryon asks. “I need to take a shower,” I say with a smile.

Usually when Byron comes over, I tell him I’m going to take a shower and he joins me. We suds each other up, rinse each other off, dry our bodies and head to the bedroom. I didn’t expect this time to be any different … but it was.

I’d love to read your comments on the above story. Have you ever began foreplay in the shower or immediately after finishing one?

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