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Hmmmm. About Me?

The condensed version of my life is of my dropping out of high school and obtaining a General Education Diploma (1987); going to Job Corps in Upstate New York (1989); joining the Army National Guard (1990-1998);  attending Community College in New Jersey (1991-1992); transferring to a four-year university in New York (1992-1995: Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Minor in Criminal Justice); moving back to New Jersey (1996); receiving Christ’s gift of salvation (1996); being ordained a Minister to Teach (1998); enlisting active duty in the Army and moved to Texas (2000-2002); earned a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice (2003); moved to Delaware (2003); Doctoral studies (2003-2010) PhD in Psychology, specializing in Addictions; became involved in the BDSM and Leather communities (2013); retired from the clinical field (2013); officially began writing as a career (2014).

I’ve always been a person to say what I mean and to mean what I say. I can be sarcastic, at times, not that it takes away from the meaning of my words. I don’t shy away from topics that some won’t even whisper about, in the confines of the darkest shadows with their closest friends. I look at ordinary situations and see extraordinary stories, hence, the ‘real or imagined’ phrase in the header. Situations and stories, that again, most will not dare to even admit float through their brain matter from one ear to the other. I also write about the softer side of life, the warm and fuzzy, so don’t fret :-). 

What pray tell may those things be?

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