Author’s Page

I used to question if I was a writer or an author. Is it semantics? Is a term choice a preference? Is a writer simply someone who writes, such as writing and posting blog articles? Is an author someone who publishes books, whether traditionally or as an independent person?

Yes, an author writes. However, an author writes with the purpose of publishing, of becoming a published author. Whereas, a blogger may be a person who writes articles for a website. I’ve accepted myself as both a writer and an author; I think it does come down to semantics. I write articles for my blog, this website, and also have several works in progress (WIPs) for publication.

My WIPs, as of February 2020, include the following:

  • A Memoir to share and show my life from childhood into young adulthood. My goal is have this published in late 2020.
  • A Memoir showing how my mother’s Dementia diagnosis changed her life as well as mine.
  • A Poetry Collection, with work dating back to my adolescent years and moving forward into early adulthood.
  • A Short Story Collection of suspense and thriller stories, each connected by an underlying theme of children’s candies.
  • A Flash Fiction and Random Stories Collection of suspense and thriller stories.

I’ll continue to write blog articles to post on this website and will update this Author’s Page with my publication information when it becomes available.