Is “Dion Lorah” a pen name?

Yes. I created it by dropping a letter from my last name, dropping letters from my first name, and shifting my middle initial.

Why do you use a pen name?

I began using a pen name, in 2013, due to not wanting to turn people off by combining my softer encouraging writings with those of the BDSM community and erotica stories. I started off having two separate websites. One with my legal name and one with my pen name. I shared my legal name website with family, and the pen name website with everyone else.

I accepted, in 2018, that everyone won’t like everything I write. Everyone won’t accept every aspect of my lifestyle. I eventually decided to combine everything onto my Dion Lorah website, to ease postings and maintenance, simply because that site had the most traction. I freely share the website with friends and people I meet. I’m careful to categorize my blog articles and stories so people can read what they want to and avoid what they may dislike or disagree with.

Are you hiding behind your pen name?

I don’t consider myself hiding behind a pen name simply because my legal name can be found if one looked. An example would be that some of the articles on this website are indicated as cross-postings from my legal name website. I also have face pictures on my websites and social media sites.

Why do you write across genres and on various topics versus sticking to one idea or genre?

I write multi-genre articles, short stories, and flash fiction pieces though each type has grown to have its own focus. My blog articles tend to be relational, about my experience in the Leather and BDSM Communities, and about my writing journey. My flash fiction and short stories tend to be psychological thrillers.

What are your current Works in Progress (WIPs)?

Current WIPs include a poetry collection, a memoir from childhood to young adulthood, a memoir of my mother’s dementia, a short story collection, and flash fiction pieces that don’t quite make up a collection yet. Each WIP has yet to be revised, edited, and passed through beta readers.