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Not a Truck Stop: Insecurity, a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy (#DatingNotDating)


Not a Truck Stop: His Name Is …          Not a Truck Stop: Two Days Too Many Issues

One of Raymond’s texts was him telling me I need to talk to a local guy since I want to go on dates and actually spend quality time with someone. He said again he’d stop texting and calling me if I wanted him to. Never mind that I had already blocked his number and his calls weren’t coming through. Continue reading

A Waking Dream: Part 3 of 3 (#SexSaturday)

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     Casey audibly sighed as she held his head down and lifted herself to him. Her pussy pulsated around his fingers. Her clit throbbed inside his mouth as her juices flowed freely down his chin. As her contractions subsided he raised her thighs and lapped up her overflow from her ass up to her clit. She reached for him and guided his head up to her. George’s shaft effortlessly found its way home. Her moistness eliminated any possible friction, though her walls had tightened from her orgasm. Continue reading

A Waking Dream: Part 2 of 3 (#SexSaturday)

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     George began kissing up Casey’s thigh as he traced an invisible line up her other leg. He looked up and saw her hand move across her neck and onto her breast, the other hand in her hair, eyes still closed, lips parted. Her legs opened as her head tilted back on the pillow. George made slow progress kissing and licking up her body, taking turns, not wanting to miss any spots. He felt her heat emanating from within her as his mouth found her inner thigh. He rested a hand on her love box, loving the feel of her smooth shaved skin. Casey slid her hand down beneath George’s and massaged herself. Continue reading

A Waking Dream: Part 1 of 3 (#SexSaturday)


George knew Casey had a migraine earlier in the evening. She had mentioned it during dinner and afterwards took a med for it, showered, and went to bed. George had insisted she rest, saying he’d clean up the dinner dishes and the kitchen. He settled in on the sofa after cleaning and began flicking through the TV channels. He mused at how the more channels available the less of interest there was for him to actually watch something. He happened upon HBO’s Sex On show. The episode that featured an elite private social club in Los Angeles. A woman likened it to the movie Eyes Wide Shut. A couple spoke about the application process and once approved they attended the events as foreplay. George knew Casey loved foreplay. He placed a hand on himself to still the growth in his pants. Continue reading