What Do You See?

What Do You See

She gazed out the window into a set of brown eyes. She wondered why, if the eyes were a gateway to the soul, she couldn’t decipher it.

It was then she realized she was looking at her own reflection and understood that she didn’t understand herself. Yet, there was one Who did. Of course, He understood her, He created her. He created her to grow to be more like Him each day; that others would see Him through her and be drawn to Him.

She didn’t understand her own soul because it was torn between two worlds, each fighting against the other. The physical world fighting to gain control of her so she would give in to her desires. The spiritual world fighting for her to realize who she was in Him and to live her life accordingly. She didn’t recognize herself this night because her spiritual eyes were looking into her physical soul which had no place or reason in spiritual matters. As her spirit lifted above her physical nature, she did begin in the briefest moment to catch the faintest hint of who she was in Him. Something inside her longed to know this person, longed to know her spiritual self, longed to know and understand the One.

Slowly, ever so slowly, she began to recognize herself by seeing herself as He saw her. What a marvelous sight! No more rag tattered clothes. No more sunken cheeks. No more desperate eyes seeking love from all the wrong places. No more gangly arms reaching for whatever morsel would feed her hungry soul. She saw herself in fine white linen, cheeks and eyes full of light and life reflective of having beheld His glory. Her arms lifted high in praise and then her body rose up as a parent lifts a child into a warm and loving embrace. She saw herself as herself, wrapped in her Father’s love, forever in His arms.

She gazed out the window into a set of brown eyes, knowing the eyes are a gateway to the soul. She smiled to herself knowing her soul was with and belonged to the Lord.

What does your gaze behold?

I look forward to reading your thoughts and experiences regarding seeing and knowing yourself.

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