The Darkest Soul

Dark Soul

The darkest soul 

Attempts to fly the highest

To convince itself it’s deceitful ascension

Superior to its counterparts.

Speaks negatively of others

To boast of its own accomplishments

Placing blame to avoid self-disclosure.

Hiding behind the mask of a smile

Shielding its hideous grin.

Always looking behind to gauge how far it has come

Unaware of the glass ceiling it’s flying toward.

A crash and skid across that pinnacle

Creating a spark; igniting a fire

That burns apparel, wings, and body.

The plummet is quicker than the ascent

Black smoke drifting upward

A dark trail of where it once was

The blackness a reflection of the darkest soul. 

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I journeyed from GED to a PhD in Psychology. I decided to focus on my writing once I retired from the clinical field. I write in various genres and have several WIPs for publication once edited. I post articles on this website for intellectual and entertainment purposes.

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