“First Kiss” Story from a Writing Prompt

First Kiss

I actually don’t remember my first kiss. When told to write about it my mind went to a darker place and a grimace found its way to my face.

I do remember having a crush on a boy, Bobby, in the sixth grade. He was Caucasian with short brown hair. I don’t remember his eye color. I suppose I was around 12 years old. Is that late for a first crush? Probably not since that’s usually around the age puberty begins. Changing hormones has an effect on feelings and in the creation of new ones.

I don’t know if Bobby liked me or not. We spoke to each other, were friendly toward each other, played in the schoolyard together. We never held hands. We never winked or even casually touched each other. This first crush came with feelings and thoughts such as, “What to do?” or “What to say?” Was I supposed to tell Bobby I liked him? What if he didn’t like me? What if he did? What would happen after that confession?

I never said anything to him or anyone about my liking him. I was always a shy and introverted girl and telling a boy I liked him was far away from my comfort zone. So, I kept my feelings to myself. The school year ended and I moved away. I never saw Bobby again.

Do you remember your first kiss? Your first crush? The feelings or thoughts you had at that time?

On a different tract, how do you feel about writing prompts? Personally, I don’t like them even though this one brought back the memory of Bobby.

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