The Essence

The Essence

Is the sound of birds singing – the sound of birds singing?

Is the changing of the leaves – the color of the changing of the leaves?

Is the glow and radiant sunset – the color symphony of the sun?

Is the freshness of the breeze – from the heat or cool of the day?

Is the warmth of a fire – the warmth from the fire?

Is the touch of a loved one’s hand – a touch from a loved one’s hand?

Or is it the voice of God you hear?

Is it the changing of seasons of His blessings upon your life?

Is it the beauty of His holiness?

Is it the movement of His whisper of “I love you” in your ear?

Is it the feel of His Holy Spirit within you?

Is it the touch of His hand on yours?

Is it birds singing, leaves changing, sunset glowing, breeze blowing, warmth of a blaze, a physical touch


Is it all the essence of God? The Universe letting you know you’re loved?

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