Reciprocation: Ready and Waiting – Part 2 of 2

Reciprocation.Part One0

Part 1 of 2

“And, you shall have me,” she stopped long enough to say before wetting his dick with her tongue and deep throating him again. She loved feeling him down her throat.

She held his rock in her hand and let her other hand fall away from his ass to rest on his outer thigh. She removed both hands from his body. She had learned a new trick, maybe an old trick to some women.

“Finally,” he whispered. He attempted to move back and remove his dick from her mouth. The trick was that she’d suck hard when he tried to pull himself out. When he was fully inside, she’d relax her jaw. He’d think she was done and move back only for her to create suction and hold him in. He would then fuck her mouth momentarily before trying again. It became a game of him trying to pull out before she tightened her jaw muscles around his rock. The further back he moved, the tighter the sensation. He shook his head as he continued pulling back. She sucked so hard that her cheeks were inverted. He laughed out loud at how her face looked. She tried to hold in a chuckle knowing it would release too much pressure. She was unable to and burst into giggles and he pulled out of her. 

“Damn, that felt so good,” he said. “Slide back.”

 Reciprocation.Part Two


She grinned as she moved back onto the bed, resting on her elbows as he covered her body with his. She laid flat on her back as they kissed, feeling each other’s body, loving the feel of each other’s touch. He took turns sucking each of her breast. She moaned softly. He kissed an unseen trail towards her sacred place.

“I want you so bad,” he said just before dipping his head and licking her mound from the bottom up to her clit.

She inhaled sharply as she opened her legs a little more for him. He slid his arms beneath her thighs, one hand resting on her stomach. His tongue slid between her lips, up, down, and around. His tongue found her clit and he sucked on it causing her to arch her back in ecstasy and grab his hand that was resting on her breast. She opened her legs wider, her feet flat on the bed. His tongue darted into her, his mouth sucked her folds, her clit.

“You taste so good,” he said not breaking his rhythm. The hand that was resting on her stomach slid back down and under her thigh. He ran a finger from her opening up to her clit and back down in-between her lips before entering inside of her. She gasped loudly, breathing heavily, licking her lips, back curved. He massaged her breast with one hand while fingering her with the other. His tongue flitted around her pussy, and then he sucked her clit. Her breath quickened with his movements and she began matching her thrusts with his tongue’s.

“Yes, baby,” she whispered. “Yes.” “You cumming?” He asked.

“Yes, baby,” she said through her teeth. “I’m cumming.” “Cum in my mouth,” he said. “You taste so good.”

She exploded and tried to slide backward on the bed, he quickly removed his finger from inside of her, slid his hand under her thigh, and grabbed her ass as he continued eating her. She grabbed his head in her hands, reached under his chin, tried to move his mouth away. He brushed her hand away and continued until she relented.

“I feel you, baby,” he said. “I taste you.” “You feel me pulsating,” she exhaled.

“Mmm hmm,” was his mumbled reply as he came up for air. Her body was its own earthquake, aftershocks included. Her legs trembled, her pussy pulsated, her breathing rapid. He held her tightly and kissed her thighs softly until her breathing slowed.

“You are so good,” she said as he retraced his kissing trail up her stomach on his way to her neck. “You are the best P.E. ever,” she exclaimed.

“You taste so good,” he said as he kissed her. “Where were you going,” he laughed. “I have no idea whatsoever,” she laughed with him. “You just feel so good. It’s like I want more cuz it’s so good. But it’s so good that I feel like I can’t take it anymore. It is funny because I don’t want you to stop, but it feels like my body is going to explode and split in two and so I try to get away.”

“Well,” he said. “You did explode.” “Yeah, I did,” she nibbled into his neck while using the cloth to wipe the sweat from his face. “And, it was all your fault.”

They smiled at each other, staring into each other’s eyes.

“I love you.” “I love you, too.”

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