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Novel Thoughts.9-8-18

I have a rough draft of a memoir/novel done.

Although, I’m not sure yet if I want to actually publish it as a memoir or as an “inspired by” or “based on real events” type of book.

I keep telling myself, “Just edit and revise it and think more about that later.”

I’ve posted questions on Twitter and some have liked my post, others have retweeted it. None have provided their thoughts. I also asked the questions of whether or not I should include journal entries in the memoir/novel.

I know the entries will add depth to my thought processes at that time, though I’m concerned it will slow down the readers’ progress in getting through the book. So, I’ve been thinking of adding the entries as an Addendum that can be clicked on to take the reader to those entries near the end of the book (if they download the Kindle edition). The latter thought allows the story to remain as it is and the reader will have the option of reading the entries.

This article is cross-posted from The book continues to sit patiently while being edited and revised as thoughts continue to swirl on which way to market this it.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Advice? All are welcome.

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