She Doesn’t Love Sex (Possible Trigger Warning!)

She Doesn't Love Sex0

Down a dim path in the late afternoon

Hanging out with a group of friends

Found herself alone

With him standing on a platform

Two walls up

The remaining area open

Coat zipped up 

School books held cradled

Arms crossed to keep out the cold

To keep the body heat in

Turned into to keep him away


His forceful hands

Arm pushing her down

Unzipped his pants

Button still buttoned

Lifted up her coat

Struggling against her arms

Disconnected from her pleas

Stop, don’t do this

I’ve never done this, please don’t

He rose from on top of her

Leaving her on the ground

Coat lifted up

Pants pulled down

Books cradled in arms 

Arms across her body

She shouldn’t love sex

She doesn’t love sex

Standing at the breakfast bar

Next to a mutual friend

Watching him make them drinks

She was used to beer

This was not beer

He offered it 

She sipped it

She liked it

She liked him

He was always kind to her

Easy to talk to

Caring and compassionate

She found herself alone

With him

Upstairs in his bedroom

Where were his parents?

Wouldn’t they be home soon?

No, they wouldn’t be home soon

Gentle kisses

She’d never kissed before

Soft caresses

She’d never been caressed before

Laid down on the bed

So tender

His hands on her body

Seemingly everywhere on her body

What were those sensations? 

Where was that sensation?

Inside of her?

Or outside of her?

Inside of her yearned

A consciousness heightened with every breath

Every silky touch

Every kiss

A feeling outside of her

His body hardened against her thigh

Then against her outer leg

He stood

Lifting her up

Undressing him

While she kissed him

Undressing her

As he kissed her

Touched her


On his knees 

Kissing where she yearned

A fire had been lit and now it burned

For more as she lay back on the bed

His hands still gliding over her skin

With his tongue probing

Kissing upwards on her body

She leaned forward

Her hands embracing

Her mouth taking him in

The sound of her heart beating in her ears

Or was it the sound of his heart beating against her neck

As he entered her

So gentle

So caring

The kisses

The caresses

Things she’d never felt before

Things never done to her before

Things she’d never done before


She doesn’t love sex

Because of the boy 

Who took her in the woods


She doesn’t love sex

She enjoys making love 

Because of the boy 

Who took her in love.

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