Perspective: Feeling and Seeing a Blessing

Perspective.Feeling and Seeing a Blessing

Saturday we celebrated a family member’s birthday. The seats on the deck under the umbrella were all taken as were some of the seats in the yard at picnic tables.

I dislike walking in wet grass and opted to eat my meal in the kitchen alone. As I gazed out the patio door onto the deck I had a flashback of similar situations.

During family gatherings as an adolescent, I would often steal away into a quiet place to read a book. Similar was this day minus the book. I had indeed stolen away into a quiet place but not to isolate myself. I smiled as I listened to tales being told and seeing the happiness on my family members faces. I realized that I was on the outside looking in, actually looking out the patio door, and had a different perspective than those I was viewing and listening to. I enjoy seeing and spending time with family and am often in the mix; on the inside talking back and forth, retrieving food and beverages for others, playfully teasing or making jokes and being the recipient of them as well. It’s always a wonderful time.  

I realized that as much as I like being in the mix and being on the inside looking around at the goings-on; I have a different perspective than when I’m on the outside looking in. It dawned on me that both views portray being with family in two distinct, yet not so different, ways.  

Mingling with family and sharing in the festivities, I “feel” blessed. Feeling the hugs when greeting or departing, nudges as a joke is told, joy at helping another person make a plate of food or discard their trash. Sitting alone, watching and listening; I “see” my blessing. I see their faces, their smiles, their togetherness. I spend time both mingling and separating myself and find a perfect picture. Is my family perfect? No, although God’s gift of my family is. My heart fills with joy at His blessing and in the opening of my heart and eyes to both “feel” and “see” it. 

Someone walked into the kitchen and said something like, “are you eating in here all by yourself?” My reply was, “It appears that way, but I’m not.” She retrieved what she’d entered the kitchen for and went back outside with an inquisitive look on her face. She didn’t understand that although I was physically alone, my heart was outside with them all. 

Either in your life or someone else’s what are some moments or events when you “felt” or “saw” a blessing? I’d love to read your stories.

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