A Rainy Day on a Balcony

Rainy Day1

Sitting in chairs on the balcony; Watching the sky’s tears.

Hearing the “drip drip drip” of the rain onto the corners of the awning.

Wind shifts; Droplets softly hit your arm

Caresses your face. Runs down your leg.

Suddenly there’s a pounding in your ear as the warmth of my tongue traces your lobe.

When did I arise from my chair and appear at your side?

Hand, wet hand, on your face; Turning it toward you.

My lips slightly graze yours; My tongue slipping inside your mouth.

You reach for me and I push you back into your chair.

I back away from you; Slide my own chair into a place

Where the wind is steering the rain.

Relishing in the warm wetness I tilt my head back.

Raise my hands to my dress straps.

Hooking my fingers, hands moving downward; The straps fall to my elbows as I Iower my arms

“Come here,” I instruct you. So obedient you are.

“Sit,” I command while pointing to my chair; You begin to lower yourself onto the seat.

“Wait!” You snap into a standing position; Your eyes heavy with anticipation. 

I stare into your eyes, unfastening your pants.

Placing my hand inside, you growl. The sound of a hungry wolf.

My other hand is sliding your pants downward; Your briefs downward 

Just enough.

“Sit,” I whisper in your ear and release my hold on your throbbing cock.

Lifting up my dress, you reach for me.

“No!” I slap your hands away; You lick your lips, preparing for my breast.

I straddle you without letting you enter.

I lean my upper body toward you; Nipple just out of reach.

You’re so compliant. You know not to move.

I love it when your eyes beg.

With a smile, I give you my breast; You attempt to devour it as I rock 

Back and forth on your lap

Along your shaft, feeling it twitching.

I grab the back of your head; Shoving my breast deeply into your mouth.

Feeling your tongue dance around it, Searching for the peak.

As I move my hips ever so slightly your stiffness slides inside my panties.

Inside … 

Your moan is muffled because your mouth is full; my moan isn’t. 

“You may,” I say softly. “You’ve been a good boy.”

Immediately your hands are gripping my waist.

My hands find your neck; I feel your attempt to swallow.

It quickens my thrusts.

Such a magnificent rhythm; As soothing as the sound of rain falling.

Our bodies are as wet from the rain as my sacred place is from arousal.

“You may,” I moan into your ear.

You maneuver while holding me close as you stand; Placing my backside against the railing.

Still inside me, my arms around your neck.

Rocking slowly, now more intense.

“Down, now!” You drop down onto your knees; Lips kissing mine. 

“Inside, boy.” Your tongue probes inside my folds; Finding my bud, sucking it.

The first wave rushes over me.

I grip your head tightly forcing your tongue deeper inside me.

The second wave comes; such a release.

“Here,” I whisper and you rise.

“Yes,” I say and you slip back into my wetness. “You’ve earned it,” I say with a passionate kiss.

A kiss that continues as your love pumps into me

Creating a third wave through my body.

We stay there in the rain; My ass against the railing.

Rain pouring over our bodies.

“Release,” I say and you shift my body; I’m standing in front of you.

I remove my dress.

We lie down on the balcony; Cuddling in the rain.


I’d love to read your outdoor sex stories.

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