You enjoy a thing, a situation, even during the ups and downs, the negatives and the positives.

You care enough to work together to make it work, though you both know it’s not likely to last forever. Okay, so forever is well … forever and deep down you know it’s an illusion. So, we’ll say, you both care enough to work together to keep the situation as mutually beneficial for each other.

You both foresee changes that will affect the situation and periodically make reference to it. There hasn’t been a full-on conversation about it, though there also hasn’t been any denial that things will inevitably change.

There are feelings of discontent along with a desire to enjoy all there remains to be fulfilled. A decision is made to continue along the path, make the most of the situation, and end amicably having created wonderful memories.

The situation has been discussed and an agreement made. Is there a glimmer of hope that things will not really end? Is there a commitment to hang on to what is unobtainable?

What say, make the most of the time and cherish the moments.

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I journeyed from GED to a PhD in Psychology. I decided to focus on my writing once I retired from the clinical field. I write in various genres and have several WIPs for publication once edited. I post articles on this website for intellectual and entertainment purposes.

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