Ten Minutes to Sexual Masochistic Pleasure Part 3 of 4

(Written by Bob Davies; edited/revised by Dion Lorah)

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During my ordeal, my cock had softened but as your fingers grip it stirs it back to life. Once stiff and pointing downwards again you use a fingertip to rub the precum which is flowing freely around the head. I moan in appreciation.

Suddenly your hand moves away.  I’m a little delirious. I become aware of the pain across my stomach where the chair is digging in. The pain in my stretched limbs. The pain tugging at my testicles. The burning pain across my arse. These pains are nothing compared to what I imagine awaits me.

My whole body stiffens as I feel the cool length of the cane press against my burning skin. You hold it pressed against me. Pressing against the tender flesh you have abused so thoroughly. My body involuntarily starts to spasm. I cry out as the rope repeatedly pulls sharply on my straining testicles. The first blow lands. I scream loudly cutting it off by biting down onto the ball. I’m sure we can be heard by other guests. Another follows. My cheeks flare out as spittle flies out around the ball.  I grip the chair with my fingers.

A third strike: tears form and I’m at risk of breaking the chair. A fourth: I can take little more. A fifth: I start to beg from behind the gag. You wait. No doubt you’re admiring the vicious welted lines I’m sure by now are forming across my cheeks. You land a sixth: I let my safety word escape followed by an expletive. You pat my inflamed skin. Time stretches by. The pounding of blood in my ears obscures your movements from me.

I feel your fingers work under the base of the plug buried in my arse and with a twist you pull it out from me. Then I am left waiting in my abused and, oh so very vulnerable, position.  Aware my arse is exposed to you. A tempting target I’m sure. I’m not left wondering what you’re about to do. My whole body stiffens once more as I feel the tip of your strap-on press at the puckered entrance. The lube left by the departed plug may have been enough, though I’m aware that you’ve added more as I feel the slick coolness of your strap-on head slide into me.

By reflex my head flicks backward as you stretch my muscle open to your advance. Once its head is inside me you take a firm grip on my abused cheeks with each of your hands to steady yourself. I groan in discomfort. My next sound is one pleasure as you slide into me with one smooth thrust. Above my own sounds I detect a moan of satisfaction from you as you imbed deep inside me.

For several long minutes, you work the dildo in and out of me.  Your pace quickens and soon you’re pounding me which leaves me breathless and struggling with the sensations sweeping over me as you take me completely. At one point, you stop buried deep inside me. Slowly and ever so gently you pull out of me. I breathe deeply. I wait exposed for the penetration but it never comes.

Time passes.

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  1. Wow what a great story. I have recently applied to you via email. I can only hope that someday I am lucky enough to serve you and receive your loving strapon. Hope to hear from you soon. dan

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