Ten Minutes to Sexual Masochistic Pleasure (Part 1 of 4)

(The following story was written by Bob Davies and edited/revised by Dion Lorah)

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My phone rings. “Ten minutes,” I hear you say before the click of you ending the call. I hang up and breathe deeply. The point of no return has arrived. I quickly remove my clothing and take up my appointed position behind the chair in middle of the room. My cock is hard but it remains ignored as I must prepare myself.

I set about with the task of tying first my left ankle to the left back leg of the chair and then my right ankle to the right back leg of the chair. My task is made more difficulty by the shaking of my hands caused by the adrenalin coursing through me. Once secured, I pick up the length of rope coiled on the seat of the chair and thread it around my left thigh and tie it off. I take the rope around the back of the chair and then tie it around my right leg. My now aching cock is straining begging to be touched but I push it downward so it pressed uncomfortably against the wood and tighten the rope around my right thigh.

Less than five minutes remaining. Quickly I place the length of black material draped over the back of the seat around my head.  My hands still shaking I struggle to tie it off. Time is running out.  I hate blindfolds but tonight is about my complete surrender of control to you so it feels appropriate. I pick up the ball gag from the seat of the chair and place it into my mouth stretching my jaw. I lock it off tightly behind my head. With my mouth blocked I become aware of how heavy I am breathing as the sound of the air rushing in and out of my nose echoes around the otherwise empty room.

I have two minutes or less. As quickly as, I can I set about tying my hands with the last remaining item on the chair, a length of rope tied off forming a lasso.   I slip my hands into the loop and use my teeth to pull it tight.  With some difficulty, I wrap the rope around my wrists and then in-between pinching the rope tight. Using my teeth, I tie it off as best I can.

Time is up.  I hear the room key hit the slot. I pull the blindfold down over my eyes and as the door opens fold myself forward over the back of the chair to await my fate.

The room is briefly lit from the hall as you enter the room but as soon as the door is closed I’m plunged into semi-darkness as the small glow of light detectable through the blind fold is snatched away. The room is only illuminated by the small bedside lamp. I can only imagine your smile as you look over at me. I can hear my heart pounding as its pace quickens. All I have is the anticipation.

Straining to hear, I listen as you move around the room. I hear the subtle intake of air and murmur which escapes your lips. I take these little sounds as your approval. I hear your bag drop onto a bed. Then there’s silence. I’m aware of you in front of me. I gasp from surprise as the tension is broken by you grabbing the rope around my wrists and yanking my hands up so you can work more easily. You partially untie the rope before retying it much tighter than I had been able to. Your hands brushing over mine sends a quick thrill through me.

Every little detail is important right now. I wince as you tug my arms down digging my stomach painfully into the back rest of the chair. Quickly you tie my wrists off to the horizontal bar joining the front legs of the chair. You move around behind me. Again, I can hear a barely audible murmur. I guess you have seen the plug protruding from me. My assumption is confirmed as you twist it around inside me. It’s well lubed so it moves freely as you turn it 360. I gasp through my gag as you slide it out and then ram it back in. I’m in danger of cumming down the back of the chair.

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