I realized NaNoWriMo started the fourth of this month.


I was already four days behind depending on how you looked at it. I completed an extreme rough draft of a novel during NaNoWriMo and my head told me it was in 2016.

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Looking back over my files, it was actually from 2015. Family challenges, personal health problems, and other things filled my time and caused me to feel as if I “lost” time. But, I’m still here and back in novel completion mode. Well, maybe not completion, but completion of editing and revising the extreme rough draft into a less extreme draft. The extreme rough draft is 73,000+ words with seven chapters and subheadings within each chapter.

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I have written here and there over the past year, though not much has made it onto my websites. A story here. An article there. Each as a document and in a file on my laptop. I keep telling myself I need to get back into the flow of writing and posting weekly, ideally twice weekly, onto each site as I once did. I feel like I’m doing a slow crawl, which is okay because it’ll lead to a steady walk. I understand it’s a process. The same way I slipped out of the process, I have to slip back into it. One day at a time.

All of you who are involved in NaNoWriMo, be encouraged and attempt to stay focused. Track your progress through the site or other social media (or personal) outlets.

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