Foreplay is the Best Play: The Gentleman’s Turn – Part 2 of 3


Lady’s First – Pt 1 of 3

The hand that held Robert’s head pushed downward. He removed his finger from Karen’s moistness. “No,” she said breathlessly, “don’t stop.” He reinserted his finger, more forcefully to match her movements, then another finger.

Karen felt him filling her and his mouth pulled on her clit, letting it snap back into place before pulling it again. She felt the length of Robert’s tongue running up to the tip of her clit, finding her spot, the one that burned her insides, readying itself for release. She braced herself against his finger, her pussy muscles contracting rapidly. Their moans were indistinguishable as Karen and Robert moved as one. Rocking her hips against his face and fingers Karen felt a pinch and hissed through her teeth. She settled back onto the bed feeling his fingers sliding effortlessly in and out of her, feeling her wetness flowing, her heartbeat throbbing in her ears.

“No,” Karen moaned as Robert removed his fingers from her. “Yes,” she purred as he buried his face between her legs, his tongue probing her lips. He pulled back just enough to lick from her ass to her clit before engulfing her into his mouth again; tasting all of her. Karen’s body convulsed savagely. Robert braced an arm around her thighs, holding her in place until she stilled. He lifted his head and began to kiss her thighs. “No,” she whispered, “come here.” She pulled him up to her and licked his lips, his chin, sucked his lips one at a time.

“You taste so good,” Robert looked lazily at her.

“Yeah, I do,” she smiled before grabbing his fingers, placing them in her mouth and sucking them. “Yeah, I really do. Lay on your back,” Karen said hoarsely. She teasingly bit her lower lip as she moved her body over his lower body. “Damn,” she said as she looked at his manhood before lowering her head.

Karen’s tongue traced an imaginary line down Robert’s chest, between his pectoral muscles and into and out of his belly button. She lightly grazed over his trimmed pubic hair and continued from the base of his shaft to the tip, which was soft and resting against his balls. She nudged his cock to one side with her nose as Robert shifted to raise and lean one leg to the side, allowing Karen greater access to wherever her tongue and mouth wanted to go. Accepting the unspoken invitation, her tongue journeyed between his thigh, around his sack, under and up the other side. She removed her tongue long enough to look at his softness. She smiled as she watched a slight twitch and saw a subtle lift; knowing he was ready to grow. Karen greedily licked her lips before opening her mouth to capture his sack without using her hands. She heard him moan as she rolled her tongue around his balls in her mouth. She moved a hand to hold his sack upward while she dipped her head to lick from his ass up to his length, which was growing against his thigh.

Karen traced the line around the head of Robert’s cock with her tongue before gently grabbing his shaft to hold it as her mouth formed an “O” shape. She teased his dick by sucking up and down on the head, while stroking him. She suddenly let go with her hand as her mouth took all of him in. She felt Robert’s hand on her head, his fingers in her hair. She loved feeling him growing inside her mouth. It wasn’t long before she felt him pushing at the back of her throat. She heard him moaning; felt his hand gripping her hair. She liked that he didn’t push her head down; he let her mouth fuck him without his help.

Karen repositioned her body to accompany his full length. She was on her knees between his thighs with one hand massaging his balls; her mouth slowly gliding up and down on his cock. She’d only use one hand to hold him when she needed to swallow her spit. She relaxed her facial muscles and throat to allow him to slide in and out as if he was fucking her pussy. She fought back a smile when she heard him groan; his fist forcefully holding her hair back away from her face.

“Fuck,” Robert said as Karen felt him pulling her head up while pushing his hips downward into the mattress. She knew he was fighting to hold back. She took the opportunity to suck his balls and nibble on his inner thighs. His body jerked, he released the hold on her hair and roughly pulled her face up to his.

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