A Face in the Crowd


(quote by Deondriea; article below written by Dion Lorah)

We could have been born into the same family, friends closer than some family members, childhood acquaintances, neighbors, co-workers, have had casual sex, dated long-term, or even been married.

Whatever the case, I had an emotional connection to you. A part of me was bonded to you regardless of how little or how much we actually spoke. A piece of my heart was always with you.

Until …

You became nonresponsive to my texts and emails. You didn’t return my voice messages. You were verbally abusive. You grew to be a negative part of my life as you continued taking advantage of my kindness. Without realizing it you were dismissing me from your life. The harder you pushed, the easier it became for me to let you. I willingly detoured out of your life determined to not volunteer to remain in a toxic relationship.

During the time of nonresponse, verbal abuse, and negativity – the emotional tie I felt towards you began diminishing little by little. By the time I gladly accepted you closing the proverbial door on our relationship, the tie was completely severed.

You think I should have tried more, hung around a bit longer, not move on as quickly as I did. You fail to realize that I did all those things, unaware to you, as you continued mistreating me. You’re oblivious to the fact that you pushing me away resulted in my leaving. You don’t understand the bond was broken long before I actually left.

You want another chance not realizing each time I tolerated your mistreatment was another chance. I hold no ill feelings toward you. I’m not angry. I actually thank you for helping me learn valuable lessons about relationships, life, the type of person you are and, more importantly, about myself.

Would I change anything? No.

Do I have any regrets? No.

Would I try again with you? No.

Do I still love you? Yes, though it’s a different type of love than before.

Why the change? You’re now someone I used to know.

You’ve become a face in the crowd.

I’d love to read your experiences of having been in, or having avoided being in, a toxic relationship and if you’ve been in one, what was the catalyst to you leaving.

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