A Waking Dream: Part 3 of 3

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     Casey audibly sighed as she held his head down and lifted herself to him. Her pussy pulsated around his fingers. Her clit throbbed inside his mouth as her juices flowed freely down his chin. As her contractions subsided he raised her thighs and lapped up her overflow from her ass up to her clit. She reached for him and guided his head up to her. George’s shaft effortlessly found its way home. Her moistness eliminated any possible friction, though her walls had tightened from her orgasm.

He slowly moved deeper into her, gently pushing pass resistance. She raised her legs and held them open by cradling the back of her knees within the crux of her elbows. His pace quickened, then slowed, going deep, and deeper still. Casey slapped George’s ass and whispered, “Harder.” He laced his fingers together and placed them on top of her head, giving himself leverage to completely fill up her love box. She moved a hand to his neck and rested the ‘v’ of her hand over his Adam’s apple. Casey began to squeeze and his pace quickened. His face to the ceiling, her hand squeezing his neck, her legs opened wide, his thickness feeling her walls; George released himself with a low animalistic growl.

     George shivered and felt Casey’s walls convulsing again. He stilled within her, spent, unable to move. He shifted his weight to the side as she released her hold on his neck and lowered her legs. He moved his hand down her face slowly, caressing every feature, stopping at her lips, to kiss her. Casey opened her mouth and hungrily licked her juices from around his mouth. She turned her head and greedily sucked the subtle smell of her wetness from his fingers. George pulled her chin down to open her mouth, making way for his tongue to enter. He moved from on top of her with a whispered, “I love you.” “I love you, too,” Casey murmured, barely audible.

     George woke up with Casey laying across his chest. When he roused, she turned her face to his, “I had a wonderful dream last night.”

     “Oh, yeah,” George smiled. “What was it about?”

     “I’ll show you,” she purred.

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