A Waking Dream: Part 1 of 3


George knew Casey had a migraine earlier in the evening. She had mentioned it during dinner and afterwards took a med for it, showered, and went to bed. George had insisted she rest, saying he’d clean up the dinner dishes and the kitchen. He settled in on the sofa after cleaning and began flicking through the TV channels. He mused at how the more channels available the less of interest there was for him to actually watch something. He happened upon HBO’s Sex On show. The episode that featured an elite private social club in Los Angeles. A woman likened it to the movie Eyes Wide Shut. A couple spoke about the application process and once approved they attended the events as foreplay. George knew Casey loved foreplay. He placed a hand on himself to still the growth in his pants.

George went through the bedroom and into the bathroom, hesitating to gaze at Casey’s form beneath the sheets. His manhood involuntarily twitched. He took a cool shower and looked longingly at Casey’s sleeping body as he dried himself. He carefully untucked the sheet at the foot of the bed and folded it back onto Casey’s legs. George rubbed his hands together to ensure they were warm, adding some warming lotion to his gesture. He gently lifted one of Casey’s feet and began massaging it. She stirred, snorted quietly, and turned to lay on her back. He replaced one foot for the other. He relished in the smooth texture of her flesh, the slight ridge from the foot up into the toe, the ball of the toe and how it all felt in his hand, on his tongue, with his lips. George separated Casey’s big toe from its neighbor and placed it in his mouth, sucking it as a baby with a bottle, before adding a second toe for company. He lengthened and felt himself graze the mattress. He gave attention to each toe individually and then coupled them in his mouth. George wasn’t so much sucking her toes as he was using her toes to fuck his mouth. Casey’s unattended foot began sliding back and forth on the sheet. George gave it the same attention as the other. He allowed his lips to glide over the nail beds and ran his tongue in a circle at the base of her digits. He heard Casey moan as she moved her foot in his hands.

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