Sweet Tooth


She had a sweet tooth, but that wasn’t anything new.

Not so much as wanting something sweet, but of the savoring of flavor – if there was a flavor. Usually, it was more of a subtle smell. The fragrance of soap filled her olfactory sense as she placed the chocolate glazed munchkin in her mouth. She opened wide to fit it inside in its entirety. She imagined the texture of the glaze to be the vein on the underside of his rock. She sucked gently, massaging it with her tongue. She rolled it around her mouth before swallowing it whole; loving the gag reflex it triggered as it forced its way down her throat. Her tongue glided across her lips; sugary sweet. She bit her bottom lip as her fingers lingered above the box of munchkins. This time, she chose a powered donut. She didn’t discriminate.

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