His Dark Brown Sleepy Eyes …

Looking into his dark brown sleepy eyes time sped up, slowed down, and reversed all at the same time.


Looking into his dark brown sleepy eyes, time sped up and she saw her future with this man, so handsome, so hard working, so gentle, so sincere in his love for the Lord, so passionate in how he showed his love for her. In his eyes, she saw her husband. In his eyes’ reflection, she saw herself. Herself as his wife.  

Looking into his dark brown sleepy eyes, time slowed down and she saw things for how they were in that moment. Looking into his eyes, sitting across from him at his dinner table. He had cooked dinner for her – again. In this moment, sitting in his apartment, looking at the accumulation of his life’s possessions. In this moment, wondering if he’d want more – more of the life God had promised him. She knew he did because she had seen the future in his eyes.

Looking into his dark brown sleepy eyes, time reversed and she remembered that initial email, that first phone call, that memorable meet-and-greet. She remembered his side glances at her. She felt that tentative hug and after two months of dating – that overdue kiss. She saw his patience, commitment, and loyalty from the beginning and not only to her, but to God. Time reversed and she remembered that his love for the Lord is what drew her to him.  

The corners of his lips curled upward, his lips parted, and his teeth revealed themselves in a grin. She instinctively touched the left side of his face with her right hand, loving the curve of his jaw-line when he smiled, the accentuation of his bone structure. He was so handsome. “What are you doing?” He asked, placing his hand over hers and bringing it to his full lips for a light kiss. “What do you see?” He prompted when she didn’t respond. Her heart fluttered, and with a determination to no longer be afraid, she whispered, “I see us.”


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