Not a Truck Stop: Two Days Too Many Issues (#DatingNotDating)

This is a continuation of Not a Truck Stop: His Name Is … You can read that story HERE.

I knew right away, well within minutes, that things wouldn’t work out with Raymond. He seemed to be bored, lonely, insecure, and anxious. I’ll explain why I think that.


When I met him I was on my way to a doctor’s appointment. I told him I’d call him later and he said, “Okay.” Less than two minutes later my phone rang and it was him. I was irritated because I was driving and on my way to an appointment as I’d told him. I asked if I could call him later and he agreed. I began thinking he was bored and anxious when he called me back in a couple hours while I was still at my appointment. No, I didn’t answer the phone.

I realized he was lonely when he later spoke about me visiting him and living in his house for free. Yes, he did say those things a day after we’d met. He told me about his house and how peaceful the area was and invited me to go on the road with him for weeks at a time.


I admit I was bored, too. Why else would I have answered his call later that evening? He asked me to come see him at the truck stop he was staying at overnight. Another, “No” from me. He said he’d take me to dinner and shopping. Let me add that it was about 8:30pm. Who goes shopping at night? I knew what he wanted and he confirmed it by saying, “I’ll give you $150-$200.” I ended the call letting him know that I was sure there were women around the truck stop who would gladly take his money for some of their time. I explained to him that I like a man to actually take me on dates and not expect me to visit them at truck stops as if I was a prostitute.


The phone rang the next day while it was charging. I checked it later in the evening. I had more than a sneak peek into his insecurities when I saw he’d texted, called, and texted again all in about 25 minutes. His second text said something like, “If you can’t respond, I’ll stop texting and calling you.” I looked at the times of his texts and calls.

He’d texted, “hey, what cha doing?” At about 6:55pm. He called about 7:10pm and left a voice message saying I must be busy and to have fun with my friend. Who said I was even out or with anyone? Anyway, the ‘stop texting and calling you’ text was sent about 7:14pm. I called and left him a voice message that he was really impatient and I didn’t appreciate him threatening to not text or call because it took me longer than 25 minutes to see his messages. I reminded him that we’d met two days prior and he’d neither made a lasting impression in my life yet nor had done anything for me that would make a difference if he exited my life right now. I told him he could do what he wanted to do and I didn’t care either way because I didn’t know him. I ended with letting him know that I wasn’t going to disrupt my peaceful life dealing with his insecurities. Yes, I blocked his number :-).


My phone showed me that he’d called and or texted four times the next day, three times the day after that, and about twice a day for another few days before he finally stopped. I was glad he’d gotten the message that after knowing him two days he’d forfeited his communication privileges with me.

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