Write What You Want to Write: Then What? (#MotivationMonday #AmWriting)

Write What You Want

I’ve decided for the most part to simply write what my heart says to and keep stories for editing/revising/publishing later on.

I still need to hire an editor due to loathing that task. Although when I do it, it’s actually quite rewarding. I wait so long to edit a piece, upwards of a year or more, that when I read it, it’s brand new. My eyes easily see grammatical errors and flow issues, which makes it interesting to read and correct. However, I love to write so much, I’d rather simply continue writing.

I enjoy being able to write what I like for my website. I’ve heard it said, and read it, numerous times that each site should write in only one genre, and to create additional pages for other genres. I’ve also been told to use social media but to have only one niche per tool. I find that daunting to do: time consuming and sometimes confusing on what to post where and when. Then, there were times when one site would receive more writings and postings than the other or a social media platform would become neglected.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll post what I want, where I want, being sure to label and title the article or piece appropriately so that readers can choose which they want to read. I’ve realized years ago that my website is more of a portfolio because it houses my cross-genre writings. It adequately portrays my writing style, how my mind works, and who I am as an entire person. I like that. A lot.

I feel I’ve digressed. I do actually want to publish my stories. There are times when I publish stories or a two- or three- part series on my website. But I’d rather save those for a collection of short stories or flash fiction pieces.

I recently learned about micro-fiction and wondered where have I been that I wasn’t aware of it before. It seems too short for pieces on my website, but may be perfect for another collection to be later published. Micro-fiction would be quicker for me to edit than the short stories and flash fiction pieces.

For those of you who don’t write novels, tell me about your writing preferences and what you post on your blog and what you publish in a book. I look forward to reading your thoughts.

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