Who Mistakes Kindness for Weakness (#ThinkAboutIt #WriteWednesday)

Mistakes Kindness for Weakness0

I’ve realized that people who are used to being mistreated and disrespected are the ones most likely to take your kindness for weakness.

They’ve become so accustomed to being mentally and verbally abused they expect and accept it. They don’t recognize genuine concern, they view it as a character flaw and as such they try to manipulate and use you. When they learn they can’t manipulate you they turn against you as if you mistreated them. Such a shame to be so used to abuse that being treated with respect is unchartered territory. They struggle with how to react and respond to you because they’re in an unknown place.

Mistakes Kindness for Weakness1

If they’re wise enough to learn the difference between abuse and concern, they’ll grow into a mentally stable person. If the change is too challenging to them, they’ll push you away without acknowledging they perpetuated their own demise.

With you out of their life, they’ll seek another to help them remain where they’re comfortable … in their life of mental and verbal abuse. It’s what they know, they expect it, accept it and are comfortable within the box they’ve allowed themselves to be placed in. From the inside looking out, they’re complacent. From the outside looking in, they have a miserable existence. With them out of your life, you’ll likely have a more peaceful existence.

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