Sometimes I Give Second Chances

Sometimes I Give Second Chances

People have told me I’m too nice sometimes. They tell me I’m very understanding, patient, giving, as well as caring.

I am who I am. I grew up hard, made some unwise choices, learned from them, and emotionally grew from those experiences. From knowing those things about myself, I do sometimes have hope in others. So, yes, if I see a glimmer of potential in someone, I’ll give them a chance IF I think we may be compatible for a friendship, relationship, or D/s-M/s dynamic. 


I allow a first chance if I think there may be compatibility. Mess up, maybe a second chance if I think he may have learned the lesson. Mess up, third chance, no because he’s clearly shown who he is and the behavior isn’t something I’m willing to tolerate.


Regarding D/s-M/s dynamics, there are some who beg and plead to serve me and so I begin my screening process. Usually, they realize they’re not suitable for me on their own. I love it when someone’s enlightened because maybe, just maybe, they’ll internalize lessons learned and be better prepared for their next quest. What’s the saying? If I’ve helped one person grow, my time and energy was not spent in vain. Although, I know some don’t learn and carry their antics with them to the next Mistress or Female Master.


What I’ve learned over the years is to follow my gut feeling. Even if we don’t know or can’t put our finger on something, somewhere deep inside ourselves we know when something or someone isn’t quite right for us. Our inner voice is what we need to listen to and not apologize for it when the outcome is questioned.


Leave comments on your experiences with giving someone a second, or third, chance and if it worked out favorably or not.


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