Move On or Get Your Feelings Hurt


Breaking up is just that – disconnecting the link between you and the other individual. Modern technology caused cutting the proverbial cord more difficult.

The Breaker leaves and moves on, putting the discarded relationship in the past. The Breakee, however, may desire to linger; making phone calls, sending texts and emails, posting or viewing the Breaker’s social media sites, and even showing up unannounced at the Breaker’s house.

The Breaker has told you it’s over. Your previous love doesn’t want anything else to do with you. Yet, you attempt to hang on. You want to ‘understand.’ You convince yourself things will work out and you two will be back together. You hadn’t listened. You carry on as if there’s an opportunity to be together again. There are occasions when weak links are strengthened. However, we aren’t speaking of weak links, we’re discussing a disconnection that completely severs all emotional and physical ties.

You should know something very important if, or before, you start demanding to know what your old love is up to, where they’re going, who they’re spending time with. It’s no longer your business and if he or she is inclined to tell you, your feelings will likely get hurt. However, let’s be honest, if you’re feelings get hurt, 1) it’s your fault for trying to stay in their life and in their business and, 2) you’re really upset that you didn’t move on first.

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