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thought provoking situations with the end question of ‘what would I (the reader) do’

Love: When Do You Know (#LoveAndRelationships)

Love is a Verb

I often say, “I love easy and I love hard.” I’m what people call “a giver.” I typically put another’s needs and wants ahead of my own. It’s easier for me to think of how to enhance another person’s life than to ask for something I need or want. When someone shares their heart with me, I automatically try to think of ways to add a little bit of joy in their lives, even if it may inconvenience me or diminish my resources. Because of how I am, there are some things and situations that take me a while to understand.

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Conversation with a Clown (#DatingNotDating #TruthTuesday)


“Why’d you send me an invite on Facebook?” Clown asked.
My reply was simple. “I’m trying to drive traffic to my blog page and I had to create a Facebook profile page in order to create a Fan Page. When someone accepts my invite, I can then invite them to like my page, and from there they’ll read about my blog and hopefully subscribe to it.”

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Old Geezer (OG) (#NoSex #SexSaturday #FakeAlphaMale)


Traditionally the acronym “OG” stands for “Original Gangster,” someone affiliated with the mob from back in the old days. The new generation call “OGs” individuals who originally started a gang or participated in gang activity from a young age and are now looked up to with respect.

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