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Ten Minutes to Sexual Masochistic Pleasure (Part 1 of 4)

(The following story was written by Bob Davies and edited/revised by Dion Lorah)

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My phone rings. “Ten minutes,” I hear you say before the click of you ending the call. I hang up and breathe deeply. The point of no return has arrived. I quickly remove my clothing and take up my appointed position behind the chair in middle of the room. My cock is hard but it remains ignored as I must prepare myself.

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A Waking Dream: Part 3 of 3 (#SexSaturday)

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     Casey audibly sighed as she held his head down and lifted herself to him. Her pussy pulsated around his fingers. Her clit throbbed inside his mouth as her juices flowed freely down his chin. As her contractions subsided he raised her thighs and lapped up her overflow from her ass up to her clit. She reached for him and guided his head up to her. George’s shaft effortlessly found its way home. Her moistness eliminated any possible friction, though her walls had tightened from her orgasm. Continue reading