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It’s Challenging to Find a “Real Man” (#TruthTuesday #DatingNotDating)

I read the book, “Think Like A Man,” by Steve Harvey. He said in his book that a man – a real man – will profess, protect, and provide for his woman. Well, I often wonder where these men are.

I don’t go out much and it’s with shame I admit I’ve tried several online dating sites. None of them worked out well.

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Not a Truck Stop: Insecurity, a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy (#DatingNotDating)


Not a Truck Stop: His Name Is …          Not a Truck Stop: Two Days Too Many Issues

One of Raymond’s texts was him telling me I need to talk to a local guy since I want to go on dates and actually spend quality time with someone. He said again he’d stop texting and calling me if I wanted him to. Never mind that I had already blocked his number and his calls weren’t coming through. I was only receiving his voicemails. Continue reading