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I like to push people beyond their comfort zones and into the heart of what they really want to hear and feel.

Love: When Do You Know (#LoveAndRelationships)

Love is a Verb

I often say, “I love easy and I love hard.” I’m what people call “a giver.” I typically put another’s needs and wants ahead of my own. It’s easier for me to think of how to enhance another person’s life than to ask for something I need or want. When someone shares their heart with me, I automatically try to think of ways to add a little bit of joy in their lives, even if it may inconvenience me or diminish my resources. Because of how I am, there are some things and situations that take me a while to understand.

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I Won’t Date Vanilla (#DatingAndRelationships #TruthTuesday #AboutMe)

Vanilla Ice Cream

“Vanilla” is a term used within the BDSM community for those who aren’t involved in kinky things, including power exchange dynamics which isn’t necessarily a “kink.” “Vanilla” people are considered typical every day, somewhat boring, and predictable. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t actually like … say … vanilla ice cream.

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Ten Minutes to Sexual Masochistic Pleasure (Part 1 of 4)

(The following story was written by Bob Davies and edited/revised by Dion Lorah)

10 Minutes.Opening Pic before Read More Tag

My phone rings. “Ten minutes,” I hear you say before the click of you ending the call. I hang up and breathe deeply. The point of no return has arrived. I quickly remove my clothing and take up my appointed position behind the chair in middle of the room. My cock is hard but it remains ignored as I must prepare myself.

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