An Apology is a Nicety, Not a Necessity

An Apology is a Nicety

People say they’re owed an apology.

Yes, apologies nice to receive, especially if they’re genuine. An apology shows a person knows they’ve hurt you in some way and will try their best to not repeat their mistake. However, is it necessary? Is an apology really owed?

This is how I think about it in general:

Do you think you’re a perfect person? Do you deny ever making a mistake? Have you ever done something wrong against another person and knew you shouldn’t have? Have you ever avoided a person because you knew they were displeased or upset with you because of something you did? Whether or not you acknowledge being imperfect and making mistakes, chances are there is someone you wronged whether intentional or not.

There’s a chance someone may have told you they were upset with you because of such-and-such and you felt they didn’t have a case against you. You ignored what they said, you disregarded their feelings, and you lived your life as if everything were perfect between the two of you.

Because of how that person viewed you and their friendship with you, they may have decided to “let it go,” remained in your life, and not ever brought up how you’ve hurt them. They treated you as they always have. They didn’t hold a grudge against you. Their actions showed they didn’t need an apology to move past the situation or to continue loving you.

If you’ve ever done something wrong to someone and they treated you as if you didn’t – that means they didn’t live as though you owed them anything, including an apology. If someone did that for you – you can do the same for others.

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