I Never Cared About Looking Cool

I Never Cared About Looking Cool

I read an article today (https://poly.land/2019/03/19/they-call-it-relationship-status-for-a-reason-dont-they) that spoke about the importance of “relationship status” in high school.

The gist was not dating someone who was going to make you look bad or not boost your status. 

Somewhere in the article there’s a statement: “And I’d suspect everyone makes this kind of transition. Going from considering it an important function of romantic partners to serve as status symbols — to just doing you and not caring what others might think of a partner so long as they make you happy.” 

I commented: I’ve never made the transition you wrote about because I’ve never cared what people thought about who I dated. I’ve always dated people I liked who liked me back. I didn’t care about reputation or having a certain social status. I wasn’t a social butterfly, though I was known in social circles. I was told when I started college not to pledge. It was explained to me that I had an ‘I don’t give a shit and won’t give a shit attitude that would likely get me blackballed from events and parties.’ 

There was also a statement that some people graduate but never leave. I wrote about that in my comment by saying: “I agree that there may be some people who have graduated high school without ever leaving it. Though my clinical background is whispering it’s simple immaturity as the cause.”

I’d love to read your thoughts on both the article’s quote and my comments. Did you view dating partners as a status boosters?

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