I’m Over It

I'm Over It

As a literal person, I’m working on seeing and relating to people based on face value.

That’s not necessarily a good thing because it means having a lower expectation of them following through on what they say, which in essence is not taking them and their word seriously. On the flip side, it is a good thing because if my expectations are lower there’s a reduced opportunity for disappointment and annoyance.

It’s like having a wooden nickle made from a 2 cent piece of wood. Maybe over time that nickle will show itself to be worth 5 cents. But, until that time, I’ll see it for what’s it’s worth … 2 cents. 

I won’t expect any more than what I see and hear; it’ll simply be words until actions show those words have worth.

So, I’m moving on so that my life will continue to be enhanced by the friendships and relationships that have proven to be genuine and authentic. 

That’s all 🙂 

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